Friday, March 9, 2012


People! I'm back with such a disappointing story. But first of all, it was a great event last night. Brunei won over Indonesia, 2-0. But that's not what I actually wanna say here about the great disappointment. Watch this video.. It's such a shame to Bruneians.. Sigh.

So that's Bruneian.. When Brunei stopped playing football, you complaint.. And now when Brunei is having football, is this HOW you're showing you're gratitude?? People are watching on the outside of the stadium pitifully but they were quite supportive, congratulation to Indonesian and Bruneian. BUT a flying bottle from inside of the stadium?? Totally WHAT THE FUCK.

Ohh, I just receive another HBT-football-news-related..

So ashamed? Have you got nothing to throw away?? Why don't you throw yourself down?? Those are NASI KATOK! REZEKI and you throw it all away just like that just because you're so emotional for football? Have you learnt no manner when you were in school? Sigh.

Seriously, those things are very shameful for Bruneian.. I hope this won't happen again if there will be any football event like this.. I feel so sorry to those Indonesian and Myanmar supporter who's been a victim of Brunei's poklens..

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