Monday, January 17, 2011

Bait for the fish?

I've been in one particular outdoor activity recently - Fishing. Yes, I've been doing that since last week, on Thursday night with Rush. It was raining.. how would I say.. fairly? Yeah, whatever. It was raining okay! And the sea level was LOW.

The first attempt we tried was at Kianggeh, just right over the Pusat Kesenian. We've wasted $4 on the bait and used about 5 or 7 baits, and the rest, threw it away to the BELOVED BRUNEI RIVER.

The reason of why we've used only the small part of it was because it was only ME who's wearing it out! Somebody's just have no courage to catch over the bait - living prawn. Is that how you say it in english? Whatever!! It's just that Udang Hidup okay!! HAHAHAHA

So in the end, he ended up sleeping over at my place and yes, he was long gone before I even woke up from my deep sleep!

The second attempt we did was last night at Sungai Bunga. And this time, we've learnt something new and it's for us to know, for you to find out :D Thou we didn't catch any fish, but anyhow, we found it amazing and FUN! Gonna find a new place to fish :D