Thursday, November 5, 2009

Graduation Night for Super Seniors!

I guess I'll just upload the other LATER!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Memories of Performing!

These pictures are just memories from December last year, the moment which the band did the show, EVERY WEEK!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


It has been A WEEK since the last update.. Skajap plg rasa sul nya.. Tapi aku rasa batah wa :s So what happened while im not around....? Let see the pictures..

Bored masa Software Engineering... -_-"

Hahaha. Arif GET Caught!!

Lunch out with the gang!

Not much kan~ atu saja ah. Ngaleh ku kn update for now.. Later \(^^,)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


HIATUS! Leave your text in my CBOX please. Thank you =)

Part-Time Job

ATTENTION PEOPLE!! I need a part-time job after school.. Anyone knows which of which yang take part-time job AFTER 4.30 and onwards.. PLEASE inform me. Thank You :)

Sii Kalid Banaa2 Blagu xD

Haha. This was taken on his on will.. He didnt LARANG me to record, neither SURUH record.. apakn :s Whatever. GMIE suruh aku post rh blog ku.. Malas ku kn post rh youtube ku.. nda ku active tohh haha.. Anyway. SORRY Lid haha xD Enjoy guys! =D

Monday, July 6, 2009

Boring after Street Soccer (Video Included)

As usual.. Kami main street.. Tapi patang ane lain sket.. Kami treneng HAHA. For what?? Antah laa labu~ Kn blawan.. and guess what, kami nada cone, and we use empty bottle, and I didn't know it was that HARD!

We finished around 6.30 la.. time2 maghrib catu la.. We were like having discussion about APA NAMA TEAM BULA TANE AA?? Macam2 la.. nanti2 saja ku gtau udah kami abis blawan haha.

Then udah abis discussing.. I was like eh boring e.. ada card kh..? Rupanya ada.. then i count2... nda cukup :s

Last2 kami main apanah?? Yang totally crap.. We were given A CARD and who got the lowest number, he GET the PUNISHMENT!! (Game apakn tu -_-")

The FIRST punishment is Bediri dlm kawasan pagar arnab si BIBI dlm masa 5minit.. Jgn ckp kacang.. ada salimbada kali a~ haha. Sapa kana nah~ ADLI!!! hahaha. Tpi nda mncabar.. and nada video :s

2nd Punishment, mnanyi lagu kebangsaan atas krusi, dpn rumah sii Kalid.. Oh yeah.. It has to be loud! Yang kana... Sii Bibi!! hahahaha

Next punishment, BTIARAP nda bbaju atas hood keta ku and kana bawa ROUND KATOK.. Yang kana.. AKU!!! S*IT!! Hahaha :s I can't believe aku kana! Nda expected wa :s

The last punishment, surung keta ku dari ujung corner, reverse, msuk balik laman rumah Sii Kalid.. Yang kana Sii Bibi lagi HAHAHAHA!!

Pastu ngaleh tawa, balik =.=

Ohh auu.. video last Sii Bibi kana punishment, nada. Ada tu ada, tapi rh adli and ea karit. Alasan nya blutut nya RUSAK. PAMBUAL BANAR SII FANGSYEN ANE! HAHAHA

Abis :s

Monday, June 1, 2009

Camping with the band!

I couldn't get the picture during the night time. Which means I lost some fun memories! The only pictures that I've got is MY pictures, taken by Suapis ( I don't even know how to spell your name dude, sorry)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Monday, May 11, 2009

Up to you!

Uhh.. I'm busted by the gang =.= I was caught sleeping yesterday!! Arghh awas kamuuu ahahaha. Mirul and Nurul!!!! hahahaha Visit to see the picture. Malas ku kn post sini aha

Friday, May 8, 2009

Startrek not, x-men we do!

A: "Eh san, kau ikut liat wayang?"
T: "Wayang apa? Aku mana bduit.. kapih nehh"
A: "Eh... *show sign kn lanja*"
T: "Aku layan e~"
A: "Jeff kau ikut liat wyg?"
J: "Mesti la, aku yg recommend!"
J: "San, ko ikut watch movie?"
T: "Ikut....*question marked tone*"
J: *mentel mentel*
T: Laughs
T: "Wayang apa?"
J: "Startrek"

After lunch.. We went to mall.. First Jeff kmall dulu, me with Arif krumah nya pacah the whatsoever he called piggybank.. (nada pun macam piggybank =.=) Then we off to mall.. skali tau nada startrek! Jeff punya pasal, entam saja la.. so kami liat X-Men; Origins Wolverine

 Then we were so bored.. Mirul and Rush were suppose to be there jua liat wayang.. tpi nda dpt.. Rush fetch his sister at 3.30 in which the movie starts.. and Mirul ikut sii Rush dtg =.=

The movie finished around 5.30 kali... Then jalan2 around mall.. We went to UG and i dont know why.. Yet, pictures taken sal testing baju ahaha. Ohh yeah, the some-kind-of-hats jua xD

Nyaman rasanya bantal nya aa xD

Cool kn aku tu kn kn kn xp

This is awesome jeff! xp

Ane kurang ajar sket ne buckle a.. tpi rugget ahaha xD

I wonder knapa arif nda bgmbar a :s apa la rep~

Birthday boy!!

I was pretty busy with the unfinished PL1 Assignment and I was supposed to submit it on saturday, but I didn't come to school.. Malas plus sakit kpala nda btidur siapkn PL ahh.. huhu (=.=)

I was concentrating doing my PL.. will all the designs.. coding.. suddenly.. the door opens

"Happy Birthday to you~"
"Happy birthday to you~"
"Happy birthday to Ihsan~"
"Happy birthday to you~"

I was really panicked and what's in my mind was "Eh. sapa bday ne kn?? ntuk sapa lagi kn cake ane?? aku kh?? sapa kn?? SAPA LAGI BDAY ANEE??" ahahha panic ehh... Rupanya sama wana aku bday~ But wana 1st May, and mine is 3rd May.. hehe Thanks guys xD

Nahh... see the picture and enjoy ngucapkn ahahahah xD

Wana malu2 xD

Lagi wana tsipu malu.. Bkukut ehh xD

Sumpak sal smangat kn mutung. Panya durang alum gmbr. Tarik balik pisau aha :p

Pinggan kami rugget wa~ ahaha xp

P/s: Pisau nya patah leh wana sal chocolate fudge atu karas. Tpi point nya, wana la patah kn ahahaha :p

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rehearsal Day: Smart! xD

Today the guys smua smart2.. rugget plg eh.. ganya every lecturer btanya wa.. "apada kn kamu pakai baju cmani ani...?" udah di jawap tu a ssaja.. ada lagi tu.. "Knapakn kamu pakai baju cane ane.. apada kn?" mcm.. isshhh apane~ ahaha u know what i mean huhu.

I didn't take much picture of the day.. so here it is..

ABIS! Sikit kan~ xD

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Very besties of mine XD

I was told not to take any picture in this room, so keep it LOW XD

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

When my horoscope talks..

April 21st - May 21


Positive Traits:

Negative Traits:

In mythology Taurus is often associated with the Greek myth of the bull-form taken by Zeus in order to win Europa. Taurus is also associated with the Greco-Roman goddess Aphrodite/Venus and sometimes also the goddesses Hera/Juno, Ishtar, Isis, Freyja, and Frigg and the gods Pan, Dionysus/Bacchus, Xolotl, and Quetzalcoatl.

Taureans never slap or sting. Rather, they creep up on you, affect you deeply and leave their indelible impression on your soul. Think of Taurus as a long sensual kiss. A huge tender bear hug. Or an eiderdown on a cold alpine night. Taureans are warm (but sometimes stodgy) customers.

Taurus people make excellent executives. They love money and enjoy earning piles of it. When a Taurus person gets rich, he hangs on to his money, investing it in sound stocks and bonds, building solid houses, and even storing gold sovereigns in a mattress. The key word here is substantial. Taureans do not have confidence in lightheadedness. Frivolity doesn't come naturally to them.

Many Taureans work with their hands. Even if a Taurus is a computer expert and seems more cerebral than manual, nine times out of ten there is a hidden craft or hobby lurking behind the scenes. Taureans enjoy forging beautiful things from natural materials. In fact, they are attracted to all sorts of beauty. Music thrills them. Flowers enchant them.
The countryside SEDUCES them. And art is their natural habitat.

Taureans are forever building their own workshops and renovating barns and old churches. They are not only home-loving, they like to get their hands into the cement and slather on the plaster, if only for the tangible joy of playing in the mud.

Taureans do not take kindly to sudden change. They like to be wherever they are supposed to be when it is time to be there. Taureans readily adjust to routine and for that reason make fabulous employees. Precipitous and unexpected events requiring flexibility and resilience may cause Taureans to dig in their hooves and refuse to budge. Bulls are obstinate and determined to hold their ground. It is wiser not to try to talk Taurus out of a sulk. Just let him paw the earth and snort and seethe on his own. Take a tranquilizer and a walk. Soon, when the inevitable becomes blatantly inevitable, Taurus will budge of his own accord, come out of his sulk and go with the flow.

Sensuality belongs to Taurus. Wherever there is pleasure you will find a Taurean plunk in the middle of it all. They love to bask in the "good life." Taureans cannot resist the tug of the opposite sex. When an attractive newcomer arrives on the scene, count on Taurus to see to it that the outsiders have a drink, are made comfortable and have slipped Taurus a telephone number or two.

Taureans are
amorous and romantic without being flighty or maudlin. They are tender and don't mind public displays of affection. Love and all of its expressions appeal to the Bull. Taureans can be counted on to stray a bit where sex is concerned, but they never flaunt their infidelities and usually avoid sticky extracurricular entanglements. If you love a Taurus, feed him.

Monday, February 23, 2009

In the English Room!

It means "Don't put your Handphone at the CENTER of your steering wheel. If you do, your handphone and steering wheel will bleed"
You should compare your face when you're in any of this emotion ;)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

After School. Bangas~

At Yayasan. Lepak~

Aku mandi ujan ;)

Things turned out, they have to sleep over at my HOUSE! Yeah, i'm saying it's GAY TIME!!

Then JEFF and LIM look at me with round eyes!
Again.. Pagi2 tidur.. 4+ Bangun main red alert, pkul 8 tidur!!!


Museum *Still under construction* =.= Sigh
Jeff talking to himself ;)
Snapping guys!


Underground.. I know, Nice right ;)

Heading back. What JEFF??
The 60th Monument

IS; Database

Mua2 "relationship"

Mua nda pmalo!!! hahahaha

Urang blajar DB, ea tidur haha