Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Time Flies

I won't start with how long has it been since the last post, but I'm kinda embarassed reading down all my posts lol. I am now trying to post something with my phone and probably this will be a good practice for english composition perhaps?

Things happen for reason.. such a sentence I would say. My dad passed away on the 1st October, 2014. Cancer caught him at where I least expected. I'm sure so was he. He'd gone for a surgery in the colon as he had problem with excretion. and other few surgeries for his cancer treatment, preparation and whatnot. When he started with chemoteraphy after awhile, he complained that he had a stiff neck which at first we thought it was just due to the sleeping or his pillow. But it lasts for a week, and the pain is gone, and it keep on coming and go until at one point when I got home and plan to go out in the last minute, my mum told me to stay in. She said that my dad can't get up due to the pain in his neck. He couldn't even lift his head. Ambulance was called. Dad had been admitted. Day by day, he was slowly losing parts. Feet, calves, thigh, fingers, arms, up until the last day, he was only laying there on bed, can't even lift his own eyelids, with tears crawling down as his breath is so weak.

I went home before 4 for shower and pray, not long after my shower, mum got an emergency call from RIPAS. By the time I reached his bed, he was gone.. I started to lose interest in everything. I stay in for most of the time. Its was empty inside.

Friday, March 9, 2012


People! I'm back with such a disappointing story. But first of all, it was a great event last night. Brunei won over Indonesia, 2-0. But that's not what I actually wanna say here about the great disappointment. Watch this video.. It's such a shame to Bruneians.. Sigh.

So that's Bruneian.. When Brunei stopped playing football, you complaint.. And now when Brunei is having football, is this HOW you're showing you're gratitude?? People are watching on the outside of the stadium pitifully but they were quite supportive, congratulation to Indonesian and Bruneian. BUT a flying bottle from inside of the stadium?? Totally WHAT THE FUCK.

Ohh, I just receive another HBT-football-news-related..

So ashamed? Have you got nothing to throw away?? Why don't you throw yourself down?? Those are NASI KATOK! REZEKI and you throw it all away just like that just because you're so emotional for football? Have you learnt no manner when you were in school? Sigh.

Seriously, those things are very shameful for Bruneian.. I hope this won't happen again if there will be any football event like this.. I feel so sorry to those Indonesian and Myanmar supporter who's been a victim of Brunei's poklens..

Sunday, May 15, 2011


I've bought Nikon DSLR D3100. Although it's not one of my dream to have one, but at least, I got myself DSLR. One of the benefit for having DSLR is you still can earn money buy getting hired to do the wedding photoshoot and of course, it's not done by me alone.. With this, KAZENCREW® is established, too, just recently. I may not upload any of the weddings shot.. But for sure, I will upload shots that I've taken randomly. I do not call myself as a pro since I'm still learning to get used of the Nikon settings.. I'll upload some other time.. Perhaps you'll enjoy it :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's out!

It was yesterday that the result was out.. Although I didn't get much, but I manage to get through National Diploma. Even my GPA is lower than what the MOE needed to get the scholarship, I somehow, still wanna apply this scholarship.

Last few days just got a call to do an interview.. Hope I'll get the job! n_n

Monday, January 17, 2011

Bait for the fish?

I've been in one particular outdoor activity recently - Fishing. Yes, I've been doing that since last week, on Thursday night with Rush. It was raining.. how would I say.. fairly? Yeah, whatever. It was raining okay! And the sea level was LOW.

The first attempt we tried was at Kianggeh, just right over the Pusat Kesenian. We've wasted $4 on the bait and used about 5 or 7 baits, and the rest, threw it away to the BELOVED BRUNEI RIVER.

The reason of why we've used only the small part of it was because it was only ME who's wearing it out! Somebody's just have no courage to catch over the bait - living prawn. Is that how you say it in english? Whatever!! It's just that Udang Hidup okay!! HAHAHAHA

So in the end, he ended up sleeping over at my place and yes, he was long gone before I even woke up from my deep sleep!

The second attempt we did was last night at Sungai Bunga. And this time, we've learnt something new and it's for us to know, for you to find out :D Thou we didn't catch any fish, but anyhow, we found it amazing and FUN! Gonna find a new place to fish :D

Monday, September 27, 2010



CANON EOS 550D KIT (18-55MM)(55-250MM)
[EOS 550D KIT (18-55)(55-2]

I WANT ONE of THEM THEM SO BADLY!!! Ohh.. I still prefer you EOS 550D!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Graduation Dinner for Seniors

Sebenanrnya aku ngalih kan post pasal graduation dinner kami ane... tapiii nanti nanti sja lah ku rajin kan ah.. hahahaha. But, it WAS FUN!!!!!